Competition Categories


All hanging pieces must have sleeves and flat wooden lath.



Felting (natural fibres)

Original Design

1a. Wet and or dry felted


Mixed Media

Original Design

2a. A minimum of three (3) different
techniques used, list techniques in the Artist Statement


Soft Sculpture
(maximum 24″ high/tall)

Cloth Doll, Book, Box or Small Sculpture

3a. Original Design      3b.Adaptation/Pattern


Weaving/Tapestry (pieces must be prepared for hanging)

Original Design     Adaptation/Pattern

4a. Wearables      4b.Wearables

5a. Household      5b. Household



Original Design            Adaptation/Pattern

6a. Counted techniques      6b. Counted techniques

7a. Surface embroidery      7b. Surface embroidery


Traditional Rug Hooking

Original Design      Adaptation/Pattern

8a. Traditional      8b.Traditional

9a. Innovative      9b. Innovative


(Entries must have sleeves and lath for hanging)

Original Design                  Adaptation/Pattern

10a. Small Wall Hanging      10b. Small Wall Hanging

(Maximum size 100″ outside perimeter)

11a. Medium Wall Hanging      11b. Medium Wall Hanging

(Minimum of 101″- maximum of 180″ outside perimeter)


Hand Knitting

Original Design           Adaptation/Pattern

12a. Hand knit article      12b. Hand knit article

13a. Fulled article (hand knit & felted)      13b. Fulled article


Textile Design
(pieces must be prepared for display)

Original Design           Adaptation/Pattern

14a. Enhanced Yardage   14b. Enhanced Yardage


Wearables (in any technique)

Original Design      Adaptation/Pattern

15a. Accessories      15b. Accessories

16a. Garments         16b. Garments