The Blur in Between

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January 13, 2016

Art and design meet in /The Blur in Between,/

your AGA’s first exhibition of 2016, opening January 23

Edmonton, AB (January 13, 2016) — /The Blur in Between, / opening
January 23 at the Art Gallery of Alberta, explores the intersections
between contemporary art, architecture, industrial design, craft,
digital art, fashion, publishing and typography. It demonstrates how
functional design methods are used in art-making alongside conceptual
design that questions both form and aesthetics.

This Poole Centre of Design exhibition features works from an
international roster of artists from Chile, the United States, Britain
and the Netherlands, as well as across Canada. All of the artists
reference processes of design production or borrowed techniques from
other disciplines, resulting in works that encourage viewers to engage
with the ways in which aesthetics and function overlap.

/The Blur in Between/runs from January 23May 8, 2016 and features
works by the following artists, designers and writer (see
backgrounder <#BACKGROUNDER> for artist profiles):

Brandon Blommaert

Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson


Will Holder

Micah Lexier and Lisa Naftolin

An Te Liu


Colin Miner

Michael Morris

Lisa Robertson

Kathy Slade

Maaike Anne Stevens and Maite Zabala Meruane

Brent Wadden

The AGA will also present two programs in conjunction with the
exhibition, providing an opportunity to learn about the work from the
Curator and participating artists.


*/The Blur in Between/ Panel*

Sunday, January 24, 1 pm

Ledcor Theatre

$15/10 AGA Members

/The Blur In Between/ artists *Micah Lexier, Lisa Naftolin, Maaike Anne
Stevens* and *Maite Zabala Meruane* will be participating in a panel
discussing the boundaries between art and design. Moderated by
exhibition Curator Kristy Trinier, this talk will provide insight into
the practice of these artists and their work in the exhibition.

*Curator’s Walkthrough: /The Blur in Between/*

Wednesday, April 20, 7 pm

Third Floor

FREE with Gallery Admission

This walkthrough provides an opportunity to hear about the exhibition
/The Blur in Between/ from AGA Curator Kristy Trinier. /The Blur in
Between/ focuses on the practices that occur without division of
discipline between those historically demarcated as either art or
design, including fields of contemporary art, architecture, industrial
design, craft, digital art, fashion, publishing and typography.

/The Blur in Between/ is curated by Kristy Trinier. /The Blur in
Between/ is organized by the Art Gallery of Alberta and presented as a
part of the Poole Centre of Design.

*Interviews and media previews available upon request.*

Please contact:

Tracy Stewart, Communications Officer

T: 780.392.2468

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In May 2015, the AGA opened the Poole Centre of Design, an integrated
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discussion about contemporary issues in architecture and design.

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*Media Contact***

Tracy Stewart, Communications Officer

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/Art and design meet in The Blur in Between, your AGA’s first exhibition
of 2016, opening January 23/


*Featured Artists and Works*


*Brandon Blommaert* (b. Edmonton, Alberta. Lives and works in Montreal)
will present a series of minimalist GIF animations, each just a few
seconds long, looped to emphasize their geometric detail, with sound art
compositions developed and remixed by the artist.

*Julia Feyrer* (b. Victoria, BC. Lives and works in Vancouver) and
*Tamara Henderson* (b. Sackville, New Brunswick. Lives and works in
Vancouver) have collaborated on /Bottles Under The Influence/, a
collection of glass bottles filled with characterizations from lucid
dream documentation, envisioning each bottle as a persona. The vessels
are imbued with preferences, personality and individualized forms
realized by glass artisans from dream-induced sketches provided by the
artists. Every bottle contains a corresponding liqueur unique to its
character, handmade and bottled by Feyrer and Henderson.

*Formafantasma *(Amsterdam) will show a series of design products,
/Botanica /and /Charcoal. Botanica /is an investigation of natural
polymers, inspired by the pre-Bakelite period, when scientists began
experimenting with draining plants and animals in a search for
plasticity. /Charcoal /explores the Swiss tradition of producing
charcoal by slow burning wood, with the process documented on video by
the artists. Also included is a series of jars and wooden ‘filters’
originally commissioned by Vitra Design Museum. Formafantasma drew
inspiration from the tension between the dystopian connotations of
charcoal production (causing pollution and destruction) in contrast to
its beneficial uses in health care and water purification.

*Will Holder *(Glasgow, Scotland)**will present**/
<>/(protocol), /a text archive of the contents of the
home of the late British concrete poet Bob Cobbing and his partner,
British violinist Jennifer Pike. Editor and typographer Holder has
developed a protocol and interface for an online compiled catalogue of
the couple’s work. Holder’s contribution will include a text-based quote
on the concept of “metaphor”, appearing on ETS buses around Edmonton,
encouraging the public to interact with the work. Holder is a 2015
recipient of a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award in the UK.

*Micah Lexier *(Toronto) *and Lisa Naftolin* (New York)**created the
visual identity for /The Blur in Between/. This graphic identity
includes a publication and a custom didactic strategy to identify and
position the artworks in the exhibition, with the corresponding artist
biographies and artwork information. Micah Lexier will also present
/This One, That One/, a video series consisting of a number of vignettes
in which Lexier manipulates items from his archive of used books and
found objects, highlighting their aesthetic relationships.

*An Te Liu’s *(Toronto) EROS / ID / EGO / SUPER is part of his ongoing
series of airport taxiway signs. Liu inscribes these words on FAA
regulation lightboxes, blending different locating systems to create a
new kind of signage, while repurposing everyday codes to divulge
unexpected meanings. Liu’s background in architecture informs his
sculpture and installation work, exploring function, occupation and
cultural coding in the domestic and urban realms. **

*Metahaven *(Amsterdam) notably hit the press in 2011 and 2012 when they
created a collection of scarves and T-shirts in support of WikiLeaks.
Their video /City Rising, /showing in this exhibition, is an homage to
Dutch architect Constant Nieuwenhuys’s /New Babylon/, a Utopian
architectural project based on the idea of an alternative, fully
automated society in which human labour is unnecessary. City Rising
proposes that, in a future of constantly networked communication and the
integration of work in every part of life, love is the most binding
contract, founded on a mutual debt to the other.

*Colin Miner* (b. Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lives and works in
Toronto)**will present his piece /available light (spiral), /a series of
photographic prints that demonstrate the construction of an image
through variances in the design of the camera itself, the mediations in
re/production, the inherent noise found within practices of imaging
resolution and our own limits of visual perception.

*Michael Morris *(Victoria, BC) was inspired in the 1960s by the ideals
of Fluxus and Pop Art, and his multidisciplinary practice emphasizes an
interest in text art, concrete poetry and visual communication systems.
In 1968, he produced a series of twenty-four concrete poems intended as
part of a larger book project that was never fully realized. These
highly graphic works address the relationship between art and language,
and between visual imagery and poetry. Ten of these poems were
reimagined as the series /City Deluxe/, a suite of aquatint prints.
/City Deluxe 1-10 /is Morris’s contribution to /The Blur in Between. /


*Lisa Robertson *(La Malgache, France) has written a speculative text on
craft in relationship to history and political experience, considering
what the communication of material technique, be it textile or
otherwise, might have to do with a renovation of political life.
Robertson is a Canadian writer currently living in France, and her book
/Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip/ was named one of The New York Times
100 Notable Books of 2010.

*Kathy Slade’s* (Vancouver, BC)**ongoing poster edition /I Want It All I
Want It Now/ demonstrates the immediacy and desire in the production of
design, typography and print material. Slade’s text work references
lyrics by Queen’s iconic pop song and the futility and passion driving
the culture of music consumption and distribution mechanisms.

*Maaike Anne Stevens *(London, UK)**and *Maite Zabala Meruane
*(Santiago, Chile) have an ongoing collaborative practice and create
site-specific installations that investigate the effect of global online
communication through theoretical discourse and the enactment of a
material dialogue investigating regional mediums and traditions. /In the
Minds of Others (Anonymous)/ is a cumulative work that will amass new
objects and display mechanisms with each iteration of its presentation.

*Brent Wadden’s* monumental weaving /Keystone XL/ rag rug series is
crafted from fabrics with subtle hand-dyed cotton and polyester threads
woven through the rug’s length. Wadden’s abstractions in form address
the separations between the maker and the landscape, and how surfaces
intertwine with patterned design. The energy given to his long hand-made
rug works also addresses the horizontality of topology and the land we
tread on. With a practice based in Berlin, Germany and Vancouver, BC,
Wadden references the craft traditions of the Cape Breton Island region
where he grew up.

Tracy Stewart

Communications Officer


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