Workshops – October 2017

Focus on Fibre Art Association will be hosting Bettina Matzkuhun from Oct 18 -22, 2017

Bettina Matzkuhn: works in textile


Registration will open shortly, stay tuned for details!

Mappa!  Oct 18 – 20th, 2017   

“Mappa” is Latin for a square of cloth, and is the perfect vehicle for describing any kind of voyage. Each student will produce 3 small “samplers” that address aspects of both cartography and textile techniques in preparation for beginning a larger map that may continue to evolve. Looking at a range of historical maps and contemporary artists’ versions, we will discuss their forms and meanings. From global data visualization to a trip around the kitchen, maps are about narrative. What to include, what to leave out? This workshop will encourage an increased awareness of our own pathways –either remembered, imagined or projected– and develop a personal textile language to express them. Beginning with small, hand-drawn maps we will discuss the workings of space, line, and symbols. Techniques include simple surface design, hand embroidery and appliqué techniques. Beginners and up.


Obsessive Chain Stitch   Oct 21 – 22, 2017  


Chain stitch is often used to embroider a line, but when it is packed together it becomes opulent, almost iridescent. Varying the thickness, direction and shading of threads, this workshop approaches how to achieve a sense of motion and depth. Embroidering in solid chain stitch is a sedimentary process requiring some simple drawing and planning. The way the stitches “travel” and overlap is important. After making a sampler exploring various thicknesses of thread and colour gradations, students will undertake a credit-card sized piece. We will explore which images are most suitable for this technique, and how to plan the work. Students will see a variety of images and original work including ways of finishing and presenting their pieces. This workshop is open to beginners and more experienced embroiderers looking to add skills to their repertoire.